GEMS Sixth Graders Prepare to be Responsible Digital Citizens

Target 1 Student-Centered Learning. FWSU students will engage in personalize learning involving collaborative inquiry, problem solving and creative learning opportunities.

Action Step -Revise policies and practices to reflect responsible use of all electronic devices in compliance with CIPA Educating Minor Rules.

Indicator of Success – Students and staff will form a culture of appropriate and responsible technology use in compliance with CIPA regulations.

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It is essential that all of our students are safe and responsible while online. This is a focus in all of our schools and today we highlight what is happening at Georgia Middle School with Technology Integrationist Dayle Payne. 

digital citizens gems 3

Ms Payne has been working with sixth graders on a Digital Citizenship and Safety unit during their computer lab time. The students were asked to explore resources such as WebonautsCyberAcademy and the UThinkUKnow Cyber Cafe.

Then the students met in small groups to define what safe and ethical digital citizenship looks like and sounds like. The discussions, based on their research, really helped the students formulate good ideas on maintaining a safe school and online environment.

digital citizens gems 2

As a final activity, students created posters to inform other students at GEMS about the what they learned. The posters have generated discussion in the GEMS community as parents, staff and students move throughout our hallways.

For more information you can also click here. You can also view the district’s Responsible Use Policy, which describes our efforts to ensure that students learn to be respectful citizens of the digital age!

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