October 22uvmnd marked the 34th annual Outstanding Teacher Day. Each year University of Vermont honors exceptional educators around our state. Mary Schraven was recognized from FWSU. These fine educators exemplify the five standards for VT teachers – Learning, Professional Knowledge, Advocacy, Colleagueship, and Accountability. We are proud of our 2014 Outstanding Teachers!

Today on the blog we are highlighting a Q & A with Outstanding Teacher Mary Schraven. Mrs. Schraven teaches First Grade at BFA Fairfax.  


1. What excites you most about being a teacher?           

Entering the classroom every morning and knowing that today is the day that I can make a difference in a student’s life; and if it doesn’t happen that day I have the opportunity to make a difference the next. I love the possibility to inspire, motivate or prompt a student to take a risk and take the reins of their own potential.

2. How has your teaching changed since you started?

Technology has had a dramatic influence on both how we teach and how children learn; adapting to these changes and understanding the value of this shift has been one of the biggest changes since I first began my work as a teacher. The use of these new technologies help to keep families and the community connected. Teachers have to be mindful of how we communicate.

3. What is the important thing you have learned as an educator?

Over my 20+ years as an educator, I’ve learned that to make a difference, one needs to have passion, skill and perseverance. A teacher needs to be flexible to meet the challenges and the evolving standards and demands of each individual student that enters the classroom.

4. What do you like to do for fun?

I like to spend time with my daughters, kayak, and practice archery. I love attending Broadway shows while visiting New York City. Most recently I’ve been learning how to play the piano and I’ve started to take singing lessons.

“Mary has been educating students for 25 years at BFA Fairfax.  Her contagious smile and positive outlook have supported and inspired students throughout. Mary’s classroom is highly engaging and students are consistently held to high academic and behavioral standards.  Mary is a role model and advocate for all students as they confront and overcome any challenge they may encounter in their lives.  We are so fortunate that Mary is a part of the BFA Fairfax family.” – Principal Thomas Walsh

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