As we enter 2019, BFA Fairfax Elementary students are being treated to an exciting new learning opportunity.  Through the collaborative work of Elementary Physical Education teacher Heather Weeks and Elementary Music teacher Sarah Wolff, BFA Fairfax students are literally marching to their own beat through the “Drums Alive” program.  

Drums Alive combines aerobic movements with the beat and rhythms of drums.  However, rather than beating an actual drum, students use drumsticks to beat an exercise ball placed on top of a bucket.  This new activity which is gaining popularity not only in schools, but fitness gyms around the country, combines musical skills with kinesthetic awareness, neuromuscular skills, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, strength, and most importantly FUN!

Our students are in day 2 of the two-week program, and the excitement is palpable and contagious.  Students can be seen moving throughout the gym, playing their drums to music, laughing, smiling, and eagerly awaiting the next cue.  Teachers and students alike are thrilled to take part in this fun and exciting new offering. Thank you Ms. Weeks and Ms. Wolff for introducing this new and beneficial cross-curricular activity to our school!

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