Georgia Elementary Students Toot Their Horns!

Target 4: Engaged Community Partners – FWSU staff and students will collaborate,innovate, create and conceptualize ideas and learning with local, regional, state, and global partners to make a difference in their community, state, and world.

Action Step: Engage community partners in a focused collaborative inquiry process.


Third and fourth grade students at the Georgia Elementary School recently participated in a Musical Petting Zoo. The Vermont Symphony Orchestra (VSO) SymphonyKids educational outreach program arrived on scene and provided a wide array of opportunities for students to play and hear the different sounds of instruments.


“Zookeeper”, Rebecca Kopycinski, brought a variety of orchestral instruments to the school and allowed students to participate in a “hands-on” experience.


After an explanation and demonstration of each instrument, the children got a chance to play on their own, under the supervision of volunteer “handlers.”




Georgia Elementary School Music Teacher, Jessica Sweeney, stated “all students had a BLAST!” Based on the bright smiles on the faces of the students as they tested different musical instruments and sounds, the students did indeed enjoy the chance to toot their horns.

photo (7)

For these elementary students, the musical petting zoo experience was a big success!

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