Day 161 – Morning Calm at GEMS

photo (56)It is a fresh new day at GEMS as students celebrate Day 161 of learning. It is morning – one of the very best times of the day at school! Students, staff, and parents arrive, anticipating with excitement all the possibilities of what the day may bring.

photo (59)

The halls are generally quiet early in the morning, but not for very long. Most students at GEMS will pass through this hall by the end of the day.

photo (57)Painting in Ms. Crosby’s Art Class is a great way to find inner calm first thing in the morning and focus creative energies while the day is fresh and new.

photo (52)

Parents await the performance of self-written plays by Ms. Sullivan’s fourth grade class.

photo (54)

A nutritious breakfast is served in both the elementary school and the middle school, and students are lined up and waiting for a tasty and healthy morning meal.

photo (51)

Students are completely awake and full of lively humor as they perform an original production this morning.

photo (58)

It’s only 8:45am. Already, Principal Emery has enjoyed more personal interactions than many of us enjoy in a full day.

It is going to be another great day of learning at GEMS!

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