Target 4 – Engaged Community Partners. FWSU staff and students will collaborate, innovate, create and conceptualize ideas and learning with local, regional, state, and global partners to make a difference in their community, state, and world.

Action Step – Engage community partners in a focused collaborative inquiry process.

Indicator of Success – Learning outcomes will be expanded to encourage curiosity, communication, and digital citizenry.

photo (1)

Exploring the interdependence of plants and animals has engaged and inspired GEMS second grade students. As a culminating activity, students invited their parents to STEM Night to share work and join in the experience of the Engineering Design Process for themselves.

photo (7)

From discovering a new definition of technology, to the creating technologies including animal and hand pollinators…this was just the “tip of the stigma” – a little plant humor!

photo (15)

Throughout the entire Engineering Design Process, these young students along with their teachers, had deep science talks and investigations about many questions:

“What do plants need to live and grow?”

“Do plants and animals need each other?”

“What is pollination?”

“What does an agricultural engineer do?”

“And, what is a waggle dance anyway?” 

photo (9)

As the students shared their experiences in this way it allowed them to practice communicating what they had learned to a captive audience.

photo (14)

GEMS Stem young firl

Also, having students be a part of an engineering team with their mom or dad in order to design and build a “Super Pollinator” allowed everyone to feel like an engineer and experience many degrees of success.

GEMS young child STEM photo
Dad collaborates with his son about his science notebook.

STEM night was focused on sharing the learning that happens at school with families while focusing on the student’s voice in this process.

photo (6)

What became evident as the evening unfolded was how enthusiastic and engaged both parents and children were.

photo (10)

STEM Nights likes these spread the excitement of learning!


Special thanks to STEM Coach, JoAnn Harvey.

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