Hour of Code

“Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer……  because it teaches you to think.”

– Steve jobs

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FES  students plugged in with students from across the country  to participate  in basic programming activities as part of Computer Science Education Week.  Hour of Code was spearheaded by code.org– a non-profit committed to ensuring that all students have an opportunity to learn computer programming.

fes hour of code2

In today’s world  children are  surrounded by technology, but few of them know how computers actually work.    The Hour of Code activities were designed to engage young children in hands-on learning related to computer science.   Students participated in a self-guided activities designed to nurture creativity and problem solving skills to help them gain awareness of computer science logic.


Governor Shumlin signed a proclamation declaring December 9th -15th Computer Education Week in Vermont.   His goal is that every student in every school  will have an opportunity to learn computer programming.

fes hour of code

Hour of Code was designed to jumpstart interest in programming. Schools in FWSU will continue to provide opportunities for students to learn the application of computer programming as part of becoming college and career ready.


Parents will see programming integrated as early as first grade with “toys” such as Bee-bots (or a free app called Bee-bots)  where students program a tiny bee to travel a designated path.  To do programming, you must create detailed instructions; children begin to think logically and then quickly learn to imagine and design unique and creative solutions of their own.    Perhaps a last minute gift idea??  

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