Olympic Events in GEMS 7th Grade

Target 1 – Student-Centered Learning. FWSU students will engage in personalize learning involving collaborative inquiry, problem solving and creative learning opportunities.

Action Step – Highlight, create and model innovative learning opportunities that promote collaborative inquiry, problem solving and creativity for students and staff

Indicator of Success – Students and staff will apply existing knowledge to create original works as a means of personal or group expression.

With the start of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, GEMS 7th Graders found themselves gathered for their very own Olympic Team Draft. Students were divided into teams and were asked to draw up the country that they would like to draft for specific events at the Sochi Olympics. A total of twelve teams were vying with each other and with a team of teachers to see if, based on research, they could best predict who would perform well at the games.


Each team had a chance to be at the head of the line in the draft and at the end, as the order of teams choosing rotated through each of the rounds. Teams were given data in their math classes that might inform their choices, but they also had to be prepared for the disappointment that would come if another team chose one of their favorites.


Now that the games are underway, students and staff will watch closely and track how well their “team” is performing. All teams will be given points if their choices end up winning medals. Stay tuned to see how this very real-life scenario plays out many miles away with a very local connection.



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