GEMS Students Engage with Parents in 2nd Annual Dialogue Night

Target 2 – Leadership in a Student Centered Learning Environment.  FWSU will foster development of teacher & student leaders who provide innovative opportunities for local and global student-centered learning.

Action Step – Provide multiple avenues for students and staff to lead, advocate, and serve within the school and community.

Indicator of Success – Student voice will have the power to impact the perceptions of others.




A team of 15 middle school students met twice in March as a part of the GEMS Youth Empowerment Group, before presenting to parents and other students in the 2nd Annual Dialogue Night.


The work of these young leaders centered around the 2013 Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) data.


Students analyzed the FWSU data, discussed their ideas and tried to identify their highest priorities as a school.


They reviewed the data and discussed strengths and areas of concern with parents.


The group then shared their action plan highlighting ways to tackle the challenges and opportunities emerging from the data. They asked parents and other students for suggestions.


Parents who attended the Dialogue Night enjoyed the opportunity to interact with students about their ideas for promoting healthy behaviors. Together, they developed an even richer plan to support young people in the Georgia community.


With the help of supportive staff, parents, community members, and outside resources, the group is excited to move ahead and put some of these ideas into action.




Thanks to the more than 80 parents, students, and community members who attended!

1 thought on “GEMS Students Engage with Parents in 2nd Annual Dialogue Night

  1. It was an honor to work with such an amazing group of students! Thanks to the many community members, parents and students who joined us for such an important conversation!


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