It’s Monday morning and snow is in the air. The halfway point of the year is looming. Today is a great day to celebrate learning. So much happens in a school between 11 and 12.

photo 3 (2)

Students were greeted this morning with an inspirational message from Dr. King to begin their day.

photo 4 (1)Art students build a model society 
photo 1 (4)A 6th grade student thinks about perseverance today while watching a video of Dr. King speaking on the 5Students collaborate and write about their thinking.
photo 4 Tennis is our raquet! A warm-weather sport is the perfect antidote for a chilly, snowy day.

photo 3 (1) Lockers are “home-away-from-home” for middle school students. This locker was incredibly 2 (3)A lunch table with three empty seats, soon to be filled.
photo 1 (3)Coming and goings in the front of our school. Always a great place to see our students throughout the day.

photoSliding in the snow at lunch time is fun, no matter your age!


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