Recently FWSU Special Education teachers embarked on a study with the District Management Council (DMC) from Boston, MA in order to explore these five elements:

  1. Understand current pedagogical approached in general and special education
  2. Gain a deep understanding of how staff is allocated to school and how staff spends their time
  3. Analyze and benchmark staffing and instructional approaches
  4. Collectively create staffing guidelines for greater effectiveness and cost-effectiveness
  5. Identifying commendable practices and opportunities to improve achievement while reducing costs.

The DMC’s primary goal is to identify commendable practices and opportunities to improve student achievement through the regular education tiers of support and the provision of special education services. They will utilize educational tools, technology and consulting services to raise achievement while examining cost drivers in order to effectively allocate scarce resources.

SPED teachers2

This project will span the 2014-2015 school year.  This opportunity will also allow FWSU to learn from other DMC participating districts in Vermont, at the same time DMC understands that each district is different, and the advice that they suggest will be flexible and targeted to each district. DMC staff worked with special education and regular education staff last week to seek input in the areas of scheduling, student to staff ratios, academic rigor, instruction and expected learning outcomes.

Focus areas will be:

  • General education staffing for elementary classrooms and core subjects at the secondary level with a focus on staffing to enrollment and class size management
  • Elementary specialists and elective staffing at the secondary levels with a focus on staffing to enrollment and shared staffing
  • Special education staffing
  • Remediation and intervention staffing (ELL, Title 1, Educational Coaches)
  • A review of special education and other remediation and intervention efforts compared to highly effective and cost-effective best practices.

For more information about the District Management Council, visit

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