Target 3 – Flexible Learning Environments. FWSU will maximize flexible learning environments by redefining the school day, promoting learning experiences that extend beyond the school classroom, and fostering creativity, innovation, and differentiated learning opportunities for all.

Action Step – Increase access to resources for all students using digital tools making learning more accessible for diverse learners.

Indicator of Success – Staff, students and community embrace the digital, social, mobile and “always on” learning styles of 21st century students.


Students in Mr. Mahoney’s seventh grade have enjoyed participating in the IVECA program, which promotes global learning and intercultural competence based on the FWSU Action Plan. The GEMS seventh graders were matched with a class in South Korea. Students were paired with others in their partner class in South Korea. The last few months involved spending class time corresponding with their partner, and sharing about American and Korean cultures and traditions. The class recently celebrated a culminating event where both groups communicated with each other using Skype. The students enjoyed seeing their partner student virtually.

Here are some of our student’s reflections:

I enjoyed learning about Korean culture. I also enjoyed learning about your everyday life. Goodbye and I hope to try this another time.  — Kameron

IVECA was pretty fun to do and I hope I can do it again. I enjoyed talking to my partner and all people in the IVECA class. I have learned that people in South Korea are not that different from people in America. IVECA has made my Thursdays more fun. I want to learn more about your music and food, the two things the two things I’m obsessed with. I want to say that I had a good time talking with my partner. Hopefully in the next 30 years I’ll have job being a teacher, and a family.  — Jordyn

I’ve really enjoyed doing IVECA this trimester. I have enjoyed learning about The Korean Cultures, and learning what you guys do in your free time. I would like to learn more about the Korean culture. I really liked IVECA. In 30 years I will probably be playing League of Legends professionally. Goodbye.  — Jacob


I have enjoyed IVECA a lot because I got meet new people and I got to learn about another culture. IVCEA has done so much for me because if I do a project on Korea it will be very easy. IVECA was amazing and I hope I can do it again. Thank you IVCEA friends! Now to my partner Dahee, It was amazing talking to you and I am glad I have a new friend. You helped me learn so much about Korea and your daily life and so I wanted to thank you. It was amazing meeting you and I hope we can talk again soon. — Samantha

While many elementary classrooms have already participated in IVECA, this was the first Georgia Middle School class to be involved. Thanks to the great leadership of Dayle Payne (GEMS Technology Integrationist) and Angelique Fairbrother (FWSU Digital Learning Specialist), this global learning opportunity was a huge success!

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