Target 4. Engaged Community Partners. Staff and students will collaborate with local partners to make a difference in their community, state, and world.

Action Step: Engage community partners in a focused collaborative inquiry to solicit community partners.

Indicator of success: Students make contributions in their community, state, and world.

The Georgia Elementary School recently kicked off its annual winter community service project, “Big Change Round Up.”  WOKO radio station and University of Vermont’s Children’s Hospital were featured guests at a morning meeting assembly for all of our elementary students.


During the assembly students learned that many children, infants, toddlers, and adolescents, spend time at the hospital for a variety of reasons. The mission of the children’s hospital is to make their stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, given the circumstances.BCRU 2

During the assembly, WOKO went to live-broadcast to share the enthusiasm of Georgia students. Radio listeners at home could hear the cheers and commitment of students becoming “big change bandits” as they gather pocket change for this great cause.

Change round up poster

One very brave little girl emotionally shared her thanks to all her peers for their commitment. She recently was a patient at the Vermont Children’s Hospital and her passion for giving back has spread throughout the school community. She has shared her commitment to raising money within a variety of classroom settings.

BCRU 3Would you like to make a donation? Stop by the GEMS or FWSU office to contribute to “Big Change Round Up” today!

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