Target 1. Student Centered Learning: Students will engage in personalize learning, collaborative inquiry, problem solving and creative learning opportunities.

Action Step:  Students will highlight, create, and model innovative learning opportunities.

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GEMS 4th Grade students took center stage and became their character as they shared facts about personal accomplishments, hobbies, families, and lifetime careers.

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After reading literature and autobiographies, of their choice, children dressed their part and explained key ideas and facts to many adults who attended the Wax Museum in the library at the Georgia Elementary and Middles School.


Characters such as: Muhammad Ali, Teddy Roosevelt, Dr.Suess, Amelia Earhart, Steve Jobs, Jane Goodall and Abraham Lincoln were in attendance along with many other historical individuals who have shaped our lives as we exist in the 21st century.

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As schools begin to implement common core benchmarks it is imperative to do so creatively and personally. This particular challenge for students asked them to read literature, explain key ideas and details while reporting out using appropriate facts and relevant, descriptive details.  Children needed to speak clearly at an understandable pace with appropriate purpose for their audience to gain better understanding.

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As the Principal approached one student to ask questions and accidentally called her by first name to initiate conversation, her response was: “My name is Amelia….Amelia Earhart!”

photo 4

It was very exciting to see students not only dress their part, but implement the characteristics and behaviors of the individuals they learned about.  Many parents shared their appreciation of such a wonderful learning opportunity for their children. “Hats off” to Stacey Sullivan, Heather Sikorsky, and all of their students who provided a FUN, educational, learning opportunity for many adults.

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