GEMS 6th Grade students attended a field trip recently without taking a step outside of the classroom. This wasn’t just any field trip; it involved the president of the United States of America. Discovery Education hosted a free virtual field trip for students across the country where students submitted questions via email or twitter for the President to answer. President Obama touched upon his work with Connect Ed. The mission is to get internet connection in every classroom in America.


Not only did President Obama talk about the importance of technology, he also encouraged kids to become stronger readers, writers, mathematicians, and scientists.  He shared a strong message for our young female students and urged girls take more interest in math and science. It’s not just for boys!

We learned that Mr. Obama is a Dr. Seuss and Harry Potter fan, as well. The experience left a lasting impression on at least one of our students who summed it up best by saying, “It was like the president was in our classroom.” 

You can find an archive of the discussion at

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