Target 3. Flexible Learning Environments  – FWSU will maximize flexible learning environments by redefining the school day, promoting learning experiences that extend beyond the school classroom, and fostering creativity, innovation and differentiated learning opportunities for all.
Action Step – (1) Provide students with access to content, resources and methods for learning beyond the school day and beyond the school walls. (2) Develop opportunities for students to collaborate, innovate, create and conceptualize in all learning settings. (3) Make relevant and authentic problems become the focus of connected learning.
Indicators of Success – (1) The school calendar and definition of school day changes to become flexible and responsive to the needs of students. (2) Students are engaged in answering authentic questions and solving problems in collaborative settings.


With the help of a community supported bottle drive and a generous donation from Ben & Jerry’s, the Georgia 7th and 8th grade Spanish class had the cultural field trip of a lifetime – a trip to Montreal on June 9th. The students toured the Museum of Fine Arts Archeology and World Cultures Collection, ordered lunch in Spanish from a Chilean restaurant called “La Chilenita,” rode the metro to the open air market Jean-Talon, and witnessed Women’s World Cup Soccer action between Spain and Costa Rica. This experience is a culmination of all the hard work these students put into learning Spanish at Georgia Middle School for the past 3-4 years. It will probably be the main thing they remember from their Spanish class!

Students shared the following reflections on why this trip was beneficial to them:

Museum of Fine Arts:

“Going to the [Archeology and Ancient Civilization Exhibit at the] Museum of Fine Arts was very beneficial because not only were there Hispanic artifacts, but other cultural artifacts based all over the world.  Learning about other cultures enlightens all of us in case we decide to travel in the future.  For example, we saw a huge number of artifacts from China and we learned the number of claws the dragon has on the clothes shows how wealthy you are.”

group in front of sculpture

El Restaurante:

“Durante “field trip”, fuimos a un restaurante donde ellos comprenden español, pero no ingles. This helped us to become more skilled in communicating with other people of culturas diferentes. If we had the chance, we would do this again in a heartbeat. When at the restaurant, we ordered and read the menus in Spanish. We also found that it was easier to talk to people after ordering for the first time. I had to order for a chaperone, because she initially ordered a quesadilla, but was unsure as to the contents. I helped to find out and then it was much easier for me to order afterwards. The food was excellent and there was plenty of it. The way that it was prepared really showed the Chilean culture and the difference in lifestyle between us and them.”

Women’s World Cup Soccer Game:  Spain vs. Costa Rica

“The women’s world cup game was an amazing experience for our Spanish class.  Both teams were from Spanish cultures which made it a good opportunity for us.  This helped us get to experience some of what Hispanic culture is like.  For example, at the beginning of the game, we heard their national anthems.  [Some kids bought t-shirts and interacted with other Spanish speaking fans.] The world cup game was a great experience.”  

Marsha, melaney

Memories from Field Trip:

“The trip in my opinion was one of the best times ever.  My memory of it was getting to go to the market and experience a different culture.”  -Sophia

“My memory was probably the soccer game because it was very intense.  There were some shots that Spain missed that they probably shouldn’t have.  Also the food was really good.  My nachos were amazing. Thank you for taking us!  I had fun!” -Macy

“I thought the trip was great, and it is my favorite field trip.  One of the memories I will remember from the trip was the soccer game, because I’ve never been to a world cup soccer game before, and I learned a lot that I hope to use in real life.” -Melaney

“When I almost got my selfie stick taken away [at the world cup game]?!” -Corey

soccer picture

“Nachos.”- James K.

“When the stadium rules said, “No illegal drugs” and Tyler said, “Where ARE those allowed?” -Jeremy

“Mi memoria favorita del viaje ayer fue el partido de fútbol porque todas personas fueron juntos.  Me gustó todo pero el partido fue mi favorito.” -Anna


“Everything, the food was good, the metro was fun, when we were on the bus, I was waving to people outside, I got 3 people to wave to me!” -Richel

“The experience of authentic Chilean food.”-Jessica

“The metro because it was the first time I’d ever been on one.” -Christina


“The metro was pretty great because the different clothing people were wearing, and some of the other people were pretty funny.”  -Julia

“Our first glimpse of the city was gorgeous, the way we could just see the outline of the city behind the fog.  It made it magical.”  -Marsha

“¡El partido!” -Emelia

“The experience of going to the Olympic Stadium to see the soccer game was really cool.”  -Sierra

city buildings

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