To start the year GEMS 7th grade students gathered in the newly-renovated library to hear “a penny for your thoughts”.

The 7th grade team decided to start off the year by having students complete an integrated research project revolving around a penny. All students will be required to find eight facts based on the decade of the penny students randomly chose; five historical events and three scientific discoveries.


Language Arts classes: Using three events researched, students will write a historical fiction piece about their penny.

Math: Students will find a scientific discovery for the year they selected and create an infographic in the form of a Picollage poster, keynote presentation, notability visual, or handmade poster.

Science: Students will research scientific discoveries to be used in their math infographic and social studies map.

Social Studies: Students will develop a map showing the important achievements during their penny’s decade.


Also included in the map assignment, students will create an annotated map that documents significant historical and scientific events they have researched for their penny’s decade.

A penny for their thoughts!

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