Target 2 – Leadership in a Student Centered Learning Environment FWSU will foster development of teacher & student leaders who provide innovative opportunities for local and global student-centered learning.

Action Step – Ensure students and staff take an active role shaping their learning using rich, authentic questions, problems they identify, & diverse resources.

Indicator of Success – Teachers embrace role of coach, facilitator and co-learner in a student-centered learning environment.


For teachers, nothing is more important at the beginning of the school year than getting to know all of the students in a classroom. This “knowing” goes beyond cursory understanding. Positive relationships built with students from the start have a tremendous impact on the entire school year. In order to successfully differentiate, personalize, and instruct students for deeper understanding, every teacher must begin by forging strong connections in the classroom.


Research states that if this connection occurs, student understanding and teacher instruction become more attainable and valued by everyone involved. Strong teacher-student relationships are not just significant at the start – they must be maintained throughout the school year to ensure continued student learning and growth.


At Georgia Elementary School, teachers are implementing a variety of activities to embed academics while also fostering relationships. Learning about one another, sharing goals, and classroom activities fill all learning environments throughout the school.


Time invested in student relationships early on in the year is well spent and promises great outcomes as the year unfolds.


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