Many times throughout the academic year students take time to reflect on their studies, participation, and overall efforts.


At the start of each school year children create goals to share with their teachers who assist them with developing a plan for individual growth and success.


Teachers meet with students often and discuss with them their thoughts on their progression and how they might make possible improvements. From those meetings, goals are revised, adapted and sometimes completely changed.


After ringing in the new year, first graders created resolutions and discussed the importance of making healthy choices in life.

Following a morning meeting discussion, many individuals thought of the classroom conversation and came up with their own healthy habits they wanted to improve.


A fun, healthy conversation was shared with peers and written about during their daily write-up. From brushing teeth, or lack thereof because first graders lose many teeth, to living life to the fullest, and living healthy lifestyles were all considered.

The thinking of these first graders definitely brings a smile 🙂

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