What is a Maker Faire? Maker Faire is an opportunity for discussion, expression, creativity, and FUN!  The expression on the faces of both adults and children show it all!


On a February school night, the GEMS cafeteria was elbow-to-elbow as parents,children, and students attended the maker event with enthusiasm and excitement.

Everyone was given the opportunity to create, make, and problem solve and a variety of diverse challenge tasks and inquiry based learning opportunities were spread throughout the cafeteria.


Each station was unique and lured the creative thinker over to investigate, build – and hopefully solve. IMG_1275The following were booths/activities available:

Mini Maker Booths

  • Windmill Blade Demo: Testing 4th grade blade designs.
  • Fireflies: Create pinwheels that light-(sponsored by Georgia PTO).
  • Helicopter/Whirlybird Challenge: Create and drop from the lift.
  • Bushbot Challenge: Create and play!! (Sponsored by the University of Vermont)
  • Sail Challenge:  Create a sail and test it on the wind track
  • Alma Seltzer Rocket Launcher: Create a launcher and hit the targets
  • Solar Fountain:  Use solar panels to power a water fountain. Created from clay.  Yes wires AND water! (Sponsored by Georgia PTO)
  • Wind Car Challenge:  Create a car that sails the farthest
  • Spinbots:  Draw with a battery operated Spirograph
  • Create a “Hand Held Windmill” that you can take home
  • Catapult Making:  Create a simple catapult that hits a target


Thank You to the following sponsors for their support and contributions towards materials and supplies.  Children, could not only build and create, but bring home their designs for memories and keepsake. Thank you so Much!

  • Play 2 Learn Childcare
  • Twisted Pretzel
  • UVM
  • Carolyn Branagan, State Rep.
  • Georgia PTO
  • Georgia Market

Flexible Learning Environments: Flexible learning environments will be created by redefining the school day,promoting learning experiences that extend beyond the classroom and fostering creativity, innovation, and differentiated learning opportunities for all.

Target: Students engage in answering authentic questions and solving problems in collaborative settings.

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