On Friday, March 4th, the BFA Fairfax Unified Snowshoe team traveled to Suicide Six Resort in Woodstock, Vermont for the annual Vermont Special Olympics Winter Games.  Formed six years ago, the 2016 BFA Fairfax Unified Snowshoe team consisted of 25 athletes and partners from our elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as six faculty and staff volunteer coaches.

On this picture-perfect day, team members took part in numerous partner relay style races of various distances. The Special Olympics motto of “Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt” was on full display as athletes of various abilities gave their all and demonstrated the values of teamwork, cooperation, service, and positive competitive spirit.

When asked about their experience, the athletes eagerly provided many comments, including “it was awesome”, “I had so much fun”, and “I’m never taking off my gold medal”, while one of our high school-age volunteer assistants shared “It was very rewarding to see the impact that athletic success had on our athletes.”

Although the emphasis is on fun, participation and “giving your all,” it was a truly proud and special day as our BFA Fairfax athletes came home with multiple bronze, silver, and gold medals. The athletes, volunteers and coaches on the Unified Snowshoe team are already looking forward to next year, and another opportunity to “bring home the gold!”

2 thoughts on “BFA Fairfax Has Gold Medal Day at the Vermont Special Olympics Winter Games

  1. What a great experience for students, staff and volunteers . This is a wonderful life long learning opportunity !


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