Today BFA High School Principal John Tague opened up his brand-new Scoop Shoppe to many hungry customers…even though it was a bit of a(n April Fool’s) surprise to him. There are many inventive ice cream flavors to try!



Tague’s Scoop Shoppe provides window service to its customers! Payment is then made to Carol Stanley at the next window (follow the “ice cream music!”).


This newest personalized learning opportunity was especially popular among High School seniors. When asked about the Scoop Shoppe, they responded:

“I’ve been complaining to Mr. Tague for four weeks that we haven’t had any ice cream, and that flavors such as “Murray Maple” should be a part of every student’s diet.  The fact that he listened to us and made a change is heartwarming.  I’m going to go home and tell my mom that I made a difference!”  ~Chris P

“Even in the U.S. Constitution it states that ice cream is a right.  The fact that we waited so long has been a travesty; an atrocity.  We have righted this wrong, and now I can sleep at night.”  ~Seamus R

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