GEMS art show7On Friday April 8th the GEMS art department celebrated our annual Art Show and Art Night. The big gym was full of artwork from all the K- 6th grade students and 7th and 8th graders from the choice art classes. It was awesome to see what the students have accomplished in art this year!

GEMS art show6

During the Art Night, community volunteers and artists shared with us their art and expertise. Greg Drew displayed his beautiful woodwork.

GEMS art show3

Sarah Frechette performed her Snowflake Bentley puppet show and showed us how it was made.

GEMS art show5Students, parents, and community members manned tables for drawing, beading, bookmaking, cardboard creations, clay, bouncy balls, and face painting.

GEMS art show4

It was so exciting to see people of all ages making and enjoying art together.

GEMS art show2

It was a great night celebrating GEMS art!  Thank you to everyone who made this night a success!

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