We are really getting close to the Best Day of the Year: The First Day of School. However, before that happens we first must welcome back all of the faculty and staff of FWSU.

FullSizeRender (3)

This year the first day of faculty inservice was a bit different from the past. Thanks to the generous underwriting of the Bay and Paul Foundation, our faculty watched the critically-acclaimed film Most Likely to Succeed at the Essex Cinema.

After the film, teachers returned to BFA Fairfax for our traditional convocation and debrief of the film to begin a process that will lead to innovation across our schools. The process is named Launch FWSU. It was introduced by Superintendent Ned Kirsch and again generously underwritten by the Bay and Paul Foundation. We hope the ideas that will be generated will lead to amazing opportunities for our students

Days 2 and 3 of inservice were devoted to specific building meetings and planning, and reconnecting with colleagues of course.

Next Tuesday, we begin again and we can hardly wait! Our halls are lonely for the sounds of students grappling with authentic, personalized learning!IMG_7430.

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