The FWSU Action plan is comprised of four areas of work: Proficiency-Based Personalized Learning, Leadership, Flexible Learning Environments and Engaged Community Partners. Throughout the year, Fletcher teachers work to align their teaching with these areas. Below are two examples of work from each area of the Action Plan during the past year.

Proficiency-Based Personalized Learning:

Personalized 1.jpgAs part of their work with Digital Promise Global, students in sixth grade designed solutions to environmental problems. Here, students show a model of a can and bottle recycling bin that promises to reduce waste while providing financial support for those in need. The students designed their computer-generated model for the device and then printed it on a 3-D printer before sharing their work with international partner students who also worked on solving environmental issues.

personalized-2Each Fletcher sixth grader has their own Personalized Learning Plan (PLP). The plan documents their goals and interests, insights into how they learn, and reflections on their success. Here, BFA teacher and administrative intern Chris Palmer and Fletcher teacher Jasmine Tremblay plan ways to align the PLPs of sixth graders from both schools.


leadership-2Teaching leadership skills and providing students with the opportunity to be role models is the cornerstone of successful citizenship. Above, three Fletcher students visited North Country Supervisory Union last summer to speak with teachers and administrators participating in a graduate level summer course about how they conduct student-led conferences and act as leaders in our school.

leadership-3Leadership in the context of real-world issues supports students’ problem-solving skills and creates relevance and meaning. Here, two students present their ideas for redesigning the school parking lot to the School Board. Their work resulted in several projects planned for spring.

leadership-1Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is the approach used in Fletcher to support a respectful, responsible, safe and caring school climate. Here, one student from each classroom represents the more than 50 students that celebrated having no office referrals during the first trimester.

Flexible Learning Environments:

flexible-1The Four Winds Nature Program provides hands-on environmental education in the natural world. Here, students explore the decomposition of a log as part of the life cycle. Four Winds brings volunteers into the classroom each month to teach on environmental topics.

flexible-2Even fun times can be educational! Here, two students discuss how sharks at the Boston aquarium need to continuously swim to stay alive. The sixth graders visited the aquarium last spring and participated in two educational classes that included learning about the composition of water and dissecting squid.

Engaged Community Partners:

engaged-6Members of the Cambridge Fire Department made their annual visit to the Fletcher Elementary School in October to teach about fire safety and celebrate National Fire Safety Week. Students learned proactive strategies to preventing home fires and how to respond in the event of an emergency.

engaged-7Families are some of the Fletcher School’s most important Engaged Community Partners. Open house, STEM Night, conferences and other events support a strong partnership between families and the school.

engaged-2An appreciation for community engagement begins with engaging with the community. Here, students present a Fletcher senior with a book of poems they had written. The presentation was part of a larger holiday celebration that was attended by several Fletcher elders.

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