In FWSU, our mentoring program for new professional staff provides support for new teachers through differentiated mentoring pairings for two years. In addition, the FWSU Mentoring Program has an additional feature, Professional Practice Forum.mentoring-handbookProfessional Practice Forum is a monthly hybrid learning experience for all teachers who are new to FWSU this year. New teachers connect digitally using the Schoology platform, or face-to-face for an hour focusing on topics important to experiencing as much success as possible in your first year. In PPF, new teachers:

  • Explore new ideas about practice through readings and multimedia
  • Interact and engage in dialogue, face-to-face and online with peers
  • Reflect on PPF Big Idea Learning Targets from the FWSU Action Plan
  • Try-on new professional practices
  • Share experiences and learning artifacts while reflecting on and self-assessing their growth over time


When our meetings are “live”, they often feature a warm-up activity. Teachers have time to catch up and discuss their practice in the context of one of our four FWSU Action Plan Targets.


For the months when the sessions are hosted online, teachers engage readings and discussion on focused topics.


Having the opportunity to be supported by a peer and to engage with their new colleagues about issues and ideas concerning professional practice provides our FWSU new teachers with a comprehensive program that helps to grow and retain highly effective teachers.



Target 2 – Leadership FWSU students and staff lead innovative, personalized learning opportunities, both locally and globally.

Action Step -Shift teacher roles from director of teaching to facilitator of learning

Indicator of Success -Students and staff act as coaches, facilitators, collaborators, and co-learners in a personalized learning environment.

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