“Fair is not equal. Fair is meeting the needs of every student”   Joelle Van Lent, Psy. D


Today, Dr. Joelle Van Lent worked with Paraprofessionals to discuss the importance of student interactions and relationships with children while explaining how a sense of belonging inspires compliance to the norms and rules of of a group.  Understanding that every child is unique and that every child is at a different stage, socially and emotionally, she expressed the importance of working with students productively to help them regulate and monitor their emotions through a co-regulation model.  “Praise can be tricky….keep it brief, subtle, and specific.”


Building on a well-established knowledge base more than half a century in the making, recent advances in the science of early childhood development and its underlying biology provide a deeper understanding that can inform and improve existing practice and the way we interact with children.


The problems of any member of a community are the responsibility of every member of the community.

A great collaborative conversation today!


Target 2 – Leadership – FWSU students and staff lead innovative, personalized learning opportunities, both locally and globally.

Indicators of Success -Staff explore greater understanding of community, social issues, and the self in community.

Action Step – Demonstrate learning habits, communication, and problem-solving skills necessary for collaborative learning and leadership

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