Do our sixth-grade students know how to communicate clearly and effectively? You bet!

GEMS culture fair 1

Last Friday, 70 sixth-graders presented their findings on different cultures from around the world during the annual GEMS Culture Fair. Posters with all kinds of information were on display for visitors. Music filled the background as people of all ages (first grade to adult) played games and asked questions. Most impressive was the ability of our sixth graders to adjust communication based on the audience.

GEMS Culture Fair Poster

“The younger kids didn’t have as much patience as the adults. The young kids really wanted to play the games.” – AC, 6th Grade

In addition to being asked to communicate orally, students had to communicate in writing.  Each group was assigned a lengthy research paper to write. Students were asked to demonstrate organization, purpose, logic, and evidence in their writing.

GEMS culture fair 5

One thought on “Students Demonstrate Clear and Effective Communication Proficiencies in GEMS Culture Fair

  1. Another successful culture fair. What a great way to learn many different skills in one project! I love that the parents are invited so we get a glimpse as to what our children are learning (still working on clear and effective communication between parent and child!-)

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