This week, students at Georgia Elementary enjoyed a special visit from the Vermont Symphony Orchestra’s “Fanfare” Brass Trio.

GEMS Symphony 1

Fanfare members Glendon Ingalls (trumpet), Ron Wold (French horn), and Bear Irwin (trombone), played a variety of musical styles and demonstrated how the instruments produce sound and how each one has changed since its beginning.

GEMS Symphony 2

This rave review from a school is typical: “Fanfare’s performance was entertaining, informative, and tuned into the attention spans and interests of young children. Our students were excited to listen and learn about each instrument.”

GEMS Symphony 3

These performances are part of the Vermont Symphony Orchestra’s statewide SymphonyKids education program, which reached over 26,000 schoolchildren last year with 278 presentations serving 175 schools in 141 different towns. The VSO’s traveling ensembles visit all corners of the state as part of an outreach program known as the Lois H. McClure “Musicians-in-the-Schools” Program. These lively concerts are met with overwhelming enthusiasm, as musical ambassadors spread the word that classical music can be fun!

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