GEMS teachers have been engaged in teaching mindfulness practices to their students to improve academic success and emotional regulation. This fall a small group of teachers embraced an opportunity given through Launch FWSU. As a result of receiving the Launch funds provided through Bay and Paul Foundation, GEMS will be able to create a space to extend these mindfulness practices. The group decided to create a community Labyrinth on the school grounds.


Labyrinths have one path that winds in a circuitous way to the center. Labyrinths are used worldwide as a way to quiet the mind, recover balance in life, and encourage meditation, insight, self-reflection, stress reduction, creativity, and gratitude. Over the winter students and teachers researched and designed a variety of labyrinths and finalized a design. Path cutting and stone installation is set for Saturday, June 3 at 9 a.m. with Sunday, June 4th as a rain date.


The committee is excited to bring this to our Georgia community. Please contact JoAnn Harvey at if you are interested in more information or are willing to participate.

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