Second graders have been engineering irrigation systems as they study the importance of farming in our state.


Gaining an understanding of the necessity of water and why farmers need irrigation systems to support Vermont crops was the underlying theme throughout the past weeks.


Imagining, preparing, planning, and constructing were the initial steps to support the local crops and then came testing and improving to help create the most efficient system.


Tests conducted measured the amount of water dispersed, in square inches, on a large paper grid as modifications and adaptations were considered.


Closing circle and discussion had students using words such as erosion, drought, flooding, sediment, and absorption.  One student even implemented their weekly “wow” word as she said, ” I was mesmerized” — referring to the sprinkler head as it rotated in a circular motion.


Students looked at the perimeter and total area of their crop and determined if their irrigation system was supplying a sufficient amount of water to their entire crop.


Engaged, thoughtful, learning by ALL!

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