Today all FWSU teachers began their annual inservice training in a day filled with presentations, surprises, and colleagueship. The morning began with Superintendent Ned Kirsch setting forth the vision of our schools, the FWSU Action Plan,  and how the spirit of creativity and innovation must permeate our schools.  Director of Curriculum Linda Keating focused her remarks on the deeper learning for our students. And Director of Special Services Rachel McIntyre spoke our FWSU programs and services that meet the needs of all of our learners.

Next up was a special surprise. Governor Phil Scott was able to join us for a special welcome and gave his words of encouragement for a great school year.  He also spoke about the importance of digital citizenship for students and adults of Vermont. His message — “tweet others as you would like to be tweeted.”


Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 12.29.07 PM
Governor Phil Scott


After the visit from Governor Scott, FWSU Board Chairperson Elaine Carpenter welcomed our staff. And she too encouraged us all to be innovative in our classrooms. Next up was the introduction of our new staff members by our administrators before the teachers themselves got to practice their own creativity.

For the second year in a row, teachers in FWSU were invited to share in a “belief in what is possible” by forming teams to participate in our second annual Launch FWSU innovation challenge.

launchfwsulogoTeachers were given time to think about some of the most pressing problems that need to be solved in proficiency-based, personalized learning; student-centered, flexible learning environments; student leadership; and engaged community partners. They also brainstormed innovative concepts they would like to address those problems. The goal was to come up with ideas that would maximize target-based transformation in FWSU:

INSERVICELast year thought the generosity of the Bay and Paul Foundation five projects were funded with mini grants to make our schools better for students. This year again we will be offering mini-grants through Bay and Paul that fuel the innovation of our students.

The first day of inservice ended with teachers returning to their home schools for meetings, planning and learning for the next two days — all in preparation for our favorite day of the year next Tuesday, the day all of our students return!

We can’t wait for our students to join us!

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