This is the second in the series featuring the unique innovative lab spaces enhance learning at FWSU.  FWSU is proud to offer innovation spaces in all three of our schools. and how each of them impacts student learning. Today, you can learn about the multiple BFA Innovation Labs.

Cricut 1

Last year, BFA designed two innovation lab spaces for both the elementary and high school. Throughout the year, students had the opportunity to learn and explore in each of these innovative learning environments.

Cricut 2

Prior to the school year, Technology Integrationist Rhonda Siemons, along with the middle school team, worked hard to initiate a new learning space for grade 5-8 students.

To begin the year,  middle school students have had an opportunity to explore the MS BFA Makerspace Hub to provide an overview of resources.  This initial experience allowed students to become familiar. Students were encouraged to make connections with using these resources to support their learning while exploring the following guiding questions: How can these resources connect to what you are doing in your classes?  How can these resources extend your learning … your passion?


A schedule has been created to support Flexible Learning time where students will be using many of these resources in support of their personal learning plans including green screen equipment, e-textiles, GPS, Cricut’s, robots, and many other resources. In the future, there is a group that is planning to participate in 3D Vermont using 3D design and 3D printing.


In addition to the Makerspace Hub in the MS, BFA has also increased the capacity of the High School innovation space with the addition of newly hired Technology Integrationist Sean Theoret. Now High School students will have additional opportunities to use the space with new classes as well as a resource for the core classes.


We are looking forward to all of the innovative learning projects that will be created in the new innovative spaces at BFA!

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