What’s happening with GEMS seventh and eighth graders?

Students practice kindness and team-building!

This year on Fridays, students have time in their schedules for students to further develop their Personalized Learning Plans by learning and experiencing community service and team building cohesion.  Each team has also taken the opportunity to build a greater sense of community within the grades.  The eighth graders have planned and executed team-building activities to enhance this year’s theme:  One Goal, One Team, and No Limits.

Students unleash “kindness bugs.”

The seventh graders have pursued a different path of team building structures that are focused on kindness… Kindness Always Returns… Let’s Start a Kindness Boomerang! As part of their yearlong team building activities, each seventh-grade class will be focusing on KINDNESS, something we all feel the world could use a bit more of these days.

Purposeful kindness.
Purposeful kindness.

They are doing their best to take RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS to a whole new level by instituting PLANNED ACTS OF KINDNESS.  Classes who receive a special envelope means they were chosen as a recipient of one such act: animal/character shaped corner bookmarks, which they hope will add to and nurture students’ love for reading.

The many colors of kindness.
The many colors of kindness.

The seventh-grade students are not looking for public recognition for these gifts, but have asked teachers to take a few pictures of the students enjoying the gifts so the photos can be put on our new television displays.  They also asked the receiving classrooms to try to think of a planned act of kindness they could perform for another grade and help make kindness contagious.

Students create personalized kindness bugs.
Students create personalized kindness bugs.

Even if just one group finds the time to conduct a planned act of kindness, the 7th graders will happily accept that as a teaspoon of change moving this social experiment in the right direction.  If every grade level is the recipient of a kind act on the behalf of another group, then the path of the boomerang will be complete, and hopefully, we’ll all be better for it!

This is kindness in action!

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