School culture is as important as the instruction that takes place every day. Where students feel valued, welcome, and safe, and where there is a sense of community and individuality. That is where student success occurs.

A gathering of GEMS!

Such an atmosphere contributes to effective teaching and learning and to genuine communication, both within and outside the school. Classrooms at GEMS strive to establish a positive culture within local classrooms and as a whole throughout the entire school.

GEMS students
GEMS students participate in a school celebration!

Recently, our elementary school gathered to celebrate our first month of school. Students and staff gathered, all wearing their “I am a GEM” t-shirt.  stating: “I am Respectful” “I am Responsible” and “I am Safe”.

Students demonstrate Tae Kwon Do to their peers.
Students demonstrate Tai Kwon Do at the Schoolwide Assembly in September.

We were fortunate to hear a duet performed by two siblings and also observed a demonstration in Tae Kwon Do known as Chon Ji. We always start each assembly with the pledge of allegiance and a peer greeting and conclude with our state song.

Students demonstrating Chon Ji

Consistency in this part of our agenda helps students have a known consistent routine which helps foster positive student behavior.

Students performing a musical piece for their peers.
Students perform a song for their peers.

The students had this to say:

  • “I was so nervous to perform in front of everyone, but when I got down I felt GREAT!”
  • “My brother and I practiced a lot and we made many mistakes. When we performed, it came out perfect. I felt really good about playing and would like to do it again. It made me feel really good inside”

It was an incredible experience to bring so many students, all demonstrating such wonderful behaviors!

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