Each year, the College of Education and Social Services at the University of Vermont, together with Supervisory Unions and School Districts across the state, join together to honor the accomplishments of our state’s outstanding educators. Two outstanding teachers from FWSU were recognized in a ceremony at the Grand Maple Ballroom in the Dudley H. Davis Center at UVM on October 12, 2017. 

Amy Rider and Tammy Boissoneault
FWSU Outstanding Teachers of 2017 with their Principals


Tammy Boissoneault is the type of educator we all aspire to be. First and foremost, she is committed to ensuring that all students find their place, their voice, and their passion inside and outside the classroom.

Throughout her career, she has been a strong advocate for educating the whole child. She was instrumental in the successful implementation of the Responsive Classroom model nearly two decades ago. This work is a critical component of the BFA Fairfax environment even to this day.

Tammy and Amy at the Outstanding Teacher Celebration
Tammy and Amy at the Outstanding Teacher Celebration!

“We are fortunate and grateful to have Tammy as a member of the faculty at BFA Fairfax.  She has made a profound difference in the lives of countless students and families in our community.  Please join me in congratulating Tammy Boissoneault as this year’s BFA Teacher of the year!” – Principal Tom Walsh


Tom Walsh is the Principal at BFA Fairfax Elementary Middle School. You can follow him on Twitter @ecucatamount




GEMS School Librarian Amy Rider is dedicated to students and staff all year long. Her tireless efforts are always given with a smile, and her creative talents often go by unnoticed. Amy is here throughout the summer and works late each day. She works tirelessly to keep the library current in all ways. Amy is dedicated, thoughtful, helpful, and a fountain of knowledge!

GEMS Outstanding Teacher Amy Rider
2017 Outstanding Teacher Amy Rider with Principal Frank Calano, Georgia Elementary Middle School

As an educator, Amy is conscientious and tuned into the needs of all students.  Amy has the ability to help all grade levels. She is patient, helpful and always working to benefit our students.  She often goes above what’s required to benefit the children of Georgia.  She knows each student by name and knows their personalities. Amy truly cares about every child’s access to books of interest.  She connects with students on all levels and supports teachers in achieving their students’ reading goals. Amy reads to each elementary class and brings books to the preschool classes.

Amy helps teachers with themes/research information; she is generous with her time and resources and will do whatever she can to support students and staff.  She is very flexible and knowledgeable – always researching something new for teachers and always willing to help teachers with extra duties pertaining to their curriculum. She jumps in to help out and is always willing to do extra. Amy is respectful, responsible, safe and helpful in a positive way.

Amy collaborates with students and staff at GEMS.

Take one look at the library!  Amy has worked so hard to create a special physical environment; a welcoming, modern space for GEMS and the Georgia Community. She is a magician with the use of space, technology, and books to enrich and further the progress of ALL GEMS’ community of learners…from the age of 3 to 73! She is an incredible problem solver and remains open-minded and hopeful in all circumstances.

Amy is a true star in our buildings and exemplifies PBIS in words and actions.  Her contributions to the school climate are so important; it’s like she affects us all in a quiet and positive way. The library is the heart of the school. Amy is that heart.

Congratulations, Amy, GEMS is proud of you!

frank calano


Frank Calano is the Middle School Principal at Georgia Elementary Middle School. You can follow him on Twitter  @calano_frank

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