Last week, the Dome Theater presented several shows to kindergarten through sixth grade and opened up their show to families to experience the 16 x 16 foot wide, 10-foot tall dome. Some of the shows presented were Into the Deep, Habitat Earth, Passport to the Universe, The Secrets of a Cardboard Rocket, Dinosaur Prophecy, Saturn the Ringed World and Future Moon.


The Dome Theater is a portable HD Planetarium developed by Rice University & the Houston Museum of Natural Science with the support of NASA. This theater travels all over the nation featuring highly innovate, educational entertainment with crystal clear, wrap around images and digital surround sound. The Habitat Earth show dives the viewers into a world of hidden relationships that show what it means to live in a connected world. Into the Deep explores the depths of the oceans. Dinosaur Prophecy explores what may have killed the dinosaurs. Passport to the Universe brings the viewers into outer space and back to earth through a black hole. Another outer space ride is taken with two young children aboard the Cardboard Rocket, which takes a close-up look at the planet.


The GEMS students who were able to participate were enthralled and excited with this fabulous interactive show. As they entered the theater in small groups throughout the day, they were treated to stunning visuals and out of this world knowledge!

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