THE FWSU STORY: GEMS Inventors Share Reflections on Iteration in Prototypes and Designs

As the Prototyping and Inventing class winds down in the Georgia Elementary Middle School Innovation Lab, students are eager to share the great work they have been doing. You can read more about the class in this post

GEMS Innovation Lab

In the video below, a student talks about the concept of iterations in the inventing and design process. This foundational understanding is crucial to the class.

Another student discussed a breakthrough in 3D printing — a coin cell battery holder.

Enjoy this gallery with the latest iterations created by our student innovators!


Fun with circuits and lights!

Light-up Fingers

Light-up Fingers!

Cell Phone/iPod Holder

Cell Phone/iPod Holder

Proud Inventors!

Proud Inventors!

A work in progress.

A work in progress.

We might store our printing filament this way!

We might store our printing filament this way!




A student shows off a design prototype.



Student-designed marker holder.

The master list - How we organized our inventing sessions.

The master list – wow we organized our inventing sessions!

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