Recently, the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) invited Vermont to participate in a Networked Improvement Community for improving early learning in Literacy and Mathematics. Georgia Elementary was invited to participate, along with three other supervisory unions, and has started the collaborative project in which participants have the opportunity to work on common problems of practice and build knowledge with colleagues from other states (Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Maryland) researchers, educational experts, and other partners.

School leaders convene at the VT Agency of Education.
School leaders convene at the VT Agency of Education.

In collaboration with the Vermont Agency of Education and three other SU’s the Georgia Elementary and team will identify common problems of practice (POP) and initiate interventions for improvement while collecting evidence-based data for review.

States have implemented many policies, practices, and programs to increase the ability of educators to provide high-quality instruction, but very little research and movement have been done in the early grades. To increase the effectiveness of instruction and student achievement in the early grades, states need to test the impact of innovative strategies to increase teacher knowledge and capacity to deliver evidenced backed instructional practices in math, literacy, and other content areas in prekindergarten through third-grade classrooms.

Leaders from around the country collaborate with Networked Improvement Communities.

Georgia Elementary is excited to participate and learn from other educational colleagues within our state and country from the current research and data that is collected.

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