For the seventh grade Project Based Learning class, the students and teacher, Mrs. O’Brien, talked about ways of reducing waste and that one of the big things is water bottles that go into landfills and litter our roadways. Team building activities that centered on our environment were done the first week.

Students collaborate and explore creative solutions.

The next couple of week’s teams were formed and each team started to design a water bottle to be judged by the eighth grade.

Promotional poster designed by students.
Students share their innovative design in a poster.

The teams went to the Innovation Lab and used Tinkercad to produce scaled-down versions of our water bottles and printed them on the 3-D printer.

Students design their solution in the Innovation Lab.
Students design their solution in the Innovation Lab.

Labels were then designed and the winning design was sent to Zazzle, a company that personalizes items.  Each person in the class received a water bottle matching the winning design.

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