Vermont has set a very high bar for student achievement with Transferable Skills.  Every student must demonstrate proficiency in the following areas.

Team U-Topia
  • Clear and Effective Communication
  • Self Direction
  • Creative and Practical Problem Solving
  • Responsible and Involved Citizenship
  • Informed and Integrative Thinking

One way GEMS is helping students learn transferable skills is through Team U-Topia. Every Monday and Friday morning a team of over 60 students and 3 core teachers plus countless other staff members meets to provide students with a greater voice in their learning. GEMS tackled three transferable skills in Core classes.

GEMS U-Topia

Self-Direction:  Teachers encourage students to take ownership of their learning by setting goals and taking proper action to achieve they desire to accomplish.

Clear and Effective Communication: Students are asked to participate in large and small group discussions.  Some presented to the entire grade during our weekly Team U-Topia meetings. They were asked to explain their thinking in writing. Every piece had to be organized with a clear purpose (claim). Our purpose had to be supported by facts, numbers, quotes, and logic.

Responsible and Involved Citizenship: Our students had a voice and were engaged in building stronger teams.

Beautiful Work: Students display their best and most “beautiful” work on the GEMS Tribute Wall. Meeting the qualifications for the Tribute Wall involves critique, revision, rehearsal, and aesthetics.

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