BFA Fairfax students will be on vacation next week, but that doesn’t mean that the building will be empty. When students are out of the building, even for the summer, our office staff is working to get ready for the return of students. Sally, Val, Amy, and Rhonda perform many of the behind the scenes tasks that keep our school running smoothly.

Sally Billado is the Accounting Clerk at BFA Fairfax.
Sally Billado is the Accounting Clerk at BFA Fairfax.

Sally Billado is officially our Accounting Clerk. She pays our bills, orders supplies, and organizes the substitute teachers. Unofficially, Sally is an event planner, photocopier repair person, problem solver, and willing listener. If there is something that needs to get done, Sally will take care of it. Sally did much of the behind-the-scenes work to get the 8th grade trip to Boston to happen. A member of a visiting team once commented that Sally could “run a small country!” Through the chaos of the day, she remains calm and takes care of business.

Val French is the Assistant to the Elementary Principal at BFA Fairfax
Val French is the Administrative Assistant for BFA Fairfax Elementary School

Val French is the Administrative Assistant for the elementary school. She is the first person students and parents meet when they enter the elementary school. Val makes sure students get on the right bus, are ready for early dismissals, answers the phone, and checks visitors into the school. It’s a special treat to get to eat your lunch with Mrs. French. Val knows every student by name and helps to keep Mr. Walsh organized.

Amy Plog is the Administrative Assistant for BFA Fairfax Middle and High School

Amy Plog is the administrative assistant for the middle school and high school. Amy keeps track of student attendance and calls home to check on students. She collects items that students forget at home from parents and grandparents. Amy checks in the students who arrive late to school and reminds those that need to leave early. Amy also serves a vital role in athletic and community activity scheduling of our school facilities.  Every student, parent, and phone caller receives Amy’s bright and sunny greeting.

Rhonda Masse is the School Registrar and Guidance Administrative Assistant

Rhonda Masse is our School Registrar and Administrative Assistant for the guidance office. Rhonda prints report cards and transcripts, organizes guidance events, registers new students and shares student information with colleges during the application process. Rhonda plays a major role in back to school night at the beginning of the year and graduation planning at the end. In between, she keeps track of enrollment and completes reports for the state and the federal government.

Although these four ladies have separate jobs and responsibilities, they work together when big projects arise. It might be a big mailing like the summer packets or an urgent mailing in response to a situation or upcoming event at school.

The bottom line is that BFA Fairfax would not function without them. Although we will be on school vacation next week, we would not want to miss out on sharing our appreciation for the hard work our administrative support staff. We appreciate them every day but want to be sure they are recognized on Administrative Professionals Day (April 25th).

Thank you, Sally, Val, Amy, and Rhonda for all you do for BFA Fairfax!

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