The weather has finally turned the corner in northern Vermont and signs of spring are everywhere. At BFA, the grounds are finally dry enough for the Farm to School class to get the School Farm ready for planting.

The Farm to School garden at BFA Fairfax

The students planted seeds months ago in the greenhouse and are getting ready to transplant them into the garden. Before they can do that, they need to uncover the beds and get them tilled.

Today, the students were working under the supervision of teachers Sarah Coon, Fred Griffin and Alan Morse. They were engaged in shoveling, raking, planting, rototilling over the expansive School farm.

Students care for plants in the greenhouse

“It’s quiet for awhile and then everything happens at once” -Sarah Coon, teacher

A student works to prepare soil for planting.

One group was preparing the asparagus bed. “We’ll have enough asparagus to feed the whole town,” said student Devon B.

A student works in the garden.

The class is also working on a chicken coop and a pollinator garden for the bees they will be adding later this year. They have already planted berry bushes and continue to plant apple trees for their orchard.  The food that grows from this garden will be used in the cafeteria in the fall and at the annual harvest dinner for the community.

Farm to School gardens at BFA Fairfax

However, between planting and harvesting, there is a lot of work to be done. Teacher Fred Griffin will work with students through the summer to keep up the garden. He is looking for students to help for 2-3 hours per day a couple days of the week through the summer. If you know of a student that might be interested please contact Mr. Griffin.

Rototilling the rows for planting.

Through the Farm to School class, students are learning about the planning and labor associated with gardening. In the fall, they will harvest the reward of their work. It is a hands-on experience that provides students with knowledge and skills and on this daytime outside on a beautiful day.

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