Last Friday over 200 educators from across the state convened in Killington for the first statewide All Learners Math Conference.

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Math Teacher Leaders from all of our schools, along with the Curriculum Director, presented the following workshops for our colleagues:

IMG_2968A Framework for Implementation: Using HLCs – Tammy Chambers and Jennifer Bockus, BFA Fairfax Elementary

The High Leverage Concepts (HLCs) can be a good tool for focusing instruction. This session is dedicated to highlighting major areas in a teacher’s math instruction and planning that can be impacted by prioritizing a focus on 100% mastery of a HLC. We will explore a framework that makes use of three different contexts of instruction – curriculum, intervention, and daily instruction. Participants will reflect on ideas they have for their own classroom and grade level and brainstorm action steps towards a focus in their own classrooms.


Implementing the All Learners Project System-wide: Scaling up Practice to Move Learning Forward  – Linda Keating, FWSU Director of Curriculum  

This session will focus on how to use the All Learners Project in math as the foundation for MTSS for all high leverage concepts and skills necessary for continued progress in areas of proficiency.  Participants will learn the processes and strategies FWSU used to grow the All Learners Project in math into a systems-wide approach to curriculum, instruction, and assessment.  Discussion will focus on how distributed leadership and professional learning opportunities in curriculum, instruction, and assessment using All Learners principles can strengthen the sustainability of improvement efforts. Participants will be able to review frameworks and fidelity tools connected to FWSU’s comprehensive approach.

IMG_2962Math Menu for Coaches and Interventionists – Sharon Rock, BFA Fairfax Elementary and Denette Locke, Fletcher Elementary School

In this session will share our experiences working with teachers to implement menu. We will reveal techniques to support teachers as they move to implement differentiation during menu, including ways to organize and review to plan for instruction. Ask a group we’ll discuss ways to examine what the students did well, the misconceptions they might have and next steps based on the work we’ve gathered.

Menu 101- MJ Mitiguy, Lauralee Wilson, and Karen Lehning Georgia Elementary and Middle School

“The only true failure lies in the failure to start.” Harold Blake Walker. This session will give you the tools you need to get started with math menu or hone your current practice.  We will explore the components of menu and it’s management and provide many resources to help you create your own.

FWSU Math Leaders were part of the original All Learners Network which was the brainchild of Dr. John Tapper. The All Learners Project ​began as a three-state effort, including FWSU to promote access to mathematics concepts and skills for every student. The All Learners Project relies on in-school instructional support (Teacher Leaders) to help classroom teachers use formative assessment to plan Math Menus that differentiate instruction for every learner. In addition, FWSU Teacher Leaders support classroom teachers to provide inclusive learning experiences for diverse groups of learners, allowing for diverse learning opportunities based on strategy groupings. The heart of this system is a group of high leverage concepts and skills that are the focus of intervention and proficiency. Our preliminary results in FWSU suggest that this level of support and focus can lead to a deeper understanding for all learners. Based on those results, FWSU has extended the All Learners design to all content areas, which are known here as the All Learners Universal Frameworks. FWSU considered ALL LEARNERS to be a comprehensive approach to MTSS.

The components of the ALL Learners approach to instruction is in evidence in all of our K-6 math classrooms.

For more information on the All Learners Universal Frameworks and how they are used in FWSU, contact Linda Keating, Director of Curriculum

Linda Keating

Linda Keating is the Director of Curriculum at FWSU. She is a regular contributor to the FWSU Blog. You can follow her on Twitter @Educate4ward

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