The GEMS Innovation Lab and Art Program have created a combined offering for seventh and eighth-grade students in 3D design.

Student collaborate with 3D art projects

Students have started out with a rotation that involves using 3D computer technologies with Mrs. Payne, creating sculptures out of repurposed materials with Mrs. Wolfson, and creating ping pong ball tracks out of cardboard with Mr. Hadd.  These activities have allowed students to practice some skills and build some understanding of 3D design principles.

Students refine their 3D designs

Soon the class will shift toward learning more about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  These 17 goals are a plan for solving a variety of global problems by 2030.  The goals are written for citizen participation and students, in particular, can play a vital role.

Students create in the GEMS innovation lab

The connection between 3D design and the SDGs will be forged when students complete a final project of their own design that is targeted toward raising awareness of a global problem and what actions others can take to address it.  Students may also use 3D design principles to invent or model a potential solution for a global problem.

SDG The UN Global Goals for Sustainability on display in the school hallway

The collaboration between Art and the Innovation Lab along with the SDG work is giving students an opportunity to make an impact and see how citizenship connects all their experiences.

SDG UN Global Goals for Sustainability

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