Each day on the FWSU Story we try to communicate exciting news and information about our schools and students. This has been our goal every day for the past seven years.  But what really make our schools dynamic are the day-to-day learning opportunities and interactions that occur without much fanfare.  They are the heart of our schools.IMG_3450

It could be students listening to their teacher read a story…IMG_3451

It could be a team of educators planning for the next “big thing,”…IMG_3453

)r a group of friends enjoying lunch together… IMG_3454

Or a physical education class learning basketball skills…IMG_3456

Or getting ready for recess…IMG_3457

Or checking out the daily assignment on Schoology… IMG_3458

Or tinkering with circuits in an Innovation Lab…IMG_3459

Or collaborating on a project…


These opportunities and interactions are what make our schools special.

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