A blog by BFA Elementary Principal Tom Walsh that looks back at the holiday season and BFA values and traditions.

The time between the Thanksgiving Break and the Holiday Recess is packed with a range of events.  There are plays, concerts, games, field trips, and class celebrations to name a few. Many of the events are related to holidays and each provides an opportunity to learn about the shared values of different cultures and to celebrate different traditions.  

As a learning community, we believe in six core values:  Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Life-Long Learning, Compassion, and Cooperation.  These values are an important component of the culture of our school and community. We are confident that our students will be successful in all phases of their lives if they consistently learn, practice, and demonstrate these qualities.

I remain so impressed with all of the examples of our students demonstrating these values this past month.  I have witnessed our students collaborating to play music and sing at concerts. I have encountered our students engaged in food and clothing drives to support those that are not as fortunate during this time of year, and I have observed numerous learning experiences where our students are spending time together making positive memories.  

This final week before vacation I have engaged in a tradition I began many years ago.  I read  How the The Grinch Stole Christmas! by Dr. Seuss to every class.  I appreciate the opportunity to connect with students and to see them smile as I change my voice to sound like Cindy-Lou Who.  

We are lucky to work in education and to have the opportunity to support students as they grow and learn.  I am a proud Principal because I know that our students understand the importance of kindness, giving, community, and laughter.

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