We know the start of the educational day is important, but getting students to school safely is a priority, first and foremost.  As though it was a classroom of over 70 students and of different age levels, the bus drivers responsibility is to  manage the road, sustain positive choices and behaviors of students, and look out for the well being of all riders.  

Serving over 400 families in our town we have a committed staff of bus drivers who transport our children daily. On cold mornings drivers arrive early to be certain buses are up and running and ready to leave on time for the pick up of each and every student, 667 of them!  

As children board/exit the bus you can often hear a friendly “Good Morning” or “Have a good night” as relationships are developed throughout the school year.

We are fortunate to have such dedicated and committed drivers working with our school.  Their communication and care of our students does not go unnoticed.

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