Hybrid Instructional Model

It is with great excitement, compassion, and joy that we will welcome back students this week as we officially begin the 2020-2021 school year with the Hybrid Instructional Model.  As hard as it is to fathom; students have not been in the school building for nearly six months.  As a career long educator, I can emphatically state that our dedicated faculty and staff members are so excited to welcome all 1,963 of our talented students back to school.  Things will certainly be different; however I think it is important to note that our professional educators have been busy planning collaboratively for the return of our students over the past two weeks, in order to provide a “Safe Smart Start” and rekindle a joy for learning.  

One Word

It was an honor and a privilege to speak with our faculty and staff at the 2020 Virtual Convocation.  I have encouraged each of our faculty and staff members to choose “Just One Word” for the 2020 school year.  It is a practice that I have participated in since the time the author Jon Gordon wrote the book entitled “One Word That Will Change Your Life.”  I truly believe that selecting their own “One Word” will provide clarity, purpose, and motivation as a significant adult, to make the year 2020-2021 the best year possible.  My “One Word” for this year is “gratitude” and my heart is full knowing that this new year will offer unique yet exciting challenges.  I am committed to share an attitude of gratitude for the mere opportunity to work with students, families, faculty, and staff that together will rise to greatness.

The culture of positivity that our group of educators can bring to our students this year will create a joy for learning beginning this week, after an unprecedented and inordinate amount of time away. I believe that the relationships that are built this year will be important and life-changing.  I look forward to visiting all of our classrooms often and cannot wait to hear each faculty and staff member’s “One Word”.  One powerful thing that I witnessed a year ago was walking through a large school where all of the faculty, staff, and students were able to share their “One Word” and explain the origin of the thought process they used to create that special word. 

James Tager is the Superintendent at Franklin West Supervisory Union. He is a regular contributor to THE FWSU STORY. You can follow him on Twitter @jrtager

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