For many years, the area outside the Multipurpose Room has been viewed as a space with great potential for outside learning and relaxation. It is contained within four walls surrounded by the Multipurpose Room, the kitchen, a high school hallway and the IT central command center. The space is sloped and typically overgrown. 

 In September 2012, the advisors for the Class of 2016 presented the idea of reclaiming the courtyard as a four year project for the class. Students cleared brush and trees from the area, but over the years, the project lost its momentum. The class ended up donating two picnic tables to be used in the space when it was redone. Revitalizing the courtyard was included in the unsuccessful bond vote in 2017. 

At the end of the 2018-19 school year, several students once again expressed interest in the courtyard project. One student, Caden Getty, through his work with the Teen Institute group, presented a new plan for a deck that extended out over the sloping terrain. He brought the idea to Science Teacher, Tom Lane who had become the keeper of the plans for the project and oversaw many of the attempts to clear and utilize the space. “It seemed like a simple solution that we could easily get done” was Caden’s initial thought about the project.

Tom and Caden worked with Facilities Manager, Tod Granger to check the feasibility of the plan and develop a cost estimate. We applied for a grant through the Berlin City Auto Group’s Drive for Education Program. In January 2020, we received a giant check from Berlin City to pay for the deck materials. We developed a plan to construct the deck in the Spring. It seemed like after years of unproductive starts, BFA would finally move forward with this project. Then the pandemic hit and school was dismissed for the rest of the school year. 

Since we had the funding, Tod Granger ordered the material in the Spring, although we were not sure when teachers and students would be able to get together to build it. Toward the end of the summer, Mr. Lane came in and built the structure for the deck.

When students returned, he used part of his class time to work with students to put on the decking and finish the project. We had extended classes for the first weeks of school, so there was time to learn some science and engage in the construction process. “With so many hands, the decking was done in no time and students got some fresh air in the process!” said Mr Lane.

The project is ready for student use and could not have been done without Caden’s idea and Tom’s persistence. We also would like to thank Berlin City, Tod Granger and the facilities crew, Mr Lane’s students and Caden’s Teen Institute Mentor, Joanne Saunders. It took a village and twelve years to get this project started. With this portion of the deck complete, Tom and Caden are talking about ways to expand the deck to provide more space, and add gardens, and stairs, and…

John Tague is currently Principal of BFA Fairfax High School and is a regular contributor to THE FWSU STORY. You can follow him on Twitter @jtague252

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